Find helpful information and take advantage of our e-teller services at online.


This is what we call our online banking. If you’re interested in having 24/7 access to your ESFCU accounts, we’ll be happy to assist in setting it up. E-teller is quick, easy, safe and secure and it’s FREE.

  • View account activity and history
  • View images of cleared checks
  • Transfer monies between ESFCU accounts or to an ESFCU loan
  • Download information to Quicken or Money programs

Once you are set up with e-teller online banking, take advantage of bill pay, e-statements and mobile alerts. These services are also FREE.

Bill Pay

This service allows you to pay bills online when it’s convenient. Want to see how it works? Log onto e-teller and view the Bill Pay Demo. It will show how to set up a payee, single payments or recurring payments and all of the other neat features.

“I really like bill pay because it eliminates the hassle of writing checks, the expense of mailing them, and the risk of my bills getting lost in the mail. It saves me a lot of time overall and once I have entered the bills I want to pay into the system, I don’t have to worry about them again. Thank you for offering this great service.” - Lisa


With this service, monthly statements can be viewed securely online. It’s quick and easy to sign up. First log on to e-teller, select e-statements and follow the instructions. An email address OR a cell phone number is needed to notify you when statements are ready to view. Once notified, log into e-teller, pick e-statements and choose the appropriate month to view.

“Why I love e-statements.... saves postage expense for my CU; I don’t have paper to file away; it’s safe and convenient, I wish everyone would do e-statements. Think about all of the trees we could save and all the shredding we could do without! Makes the postman’s load much lighter.” - Wilma

Mobile Alerts

This is a service that will send text messages to your cell phone. Sign up at any time by logging onto e-teller and selecting mobile alerts.

Set up an alert:

  • Whenever a deposit is made (Transaction Alert)
  • To give an account balance every day at a certain time (Balance Alert)
  • If a balance goes below a certain amount (Low Balance Alert)
  • As a reminder for upcoming meetings, birthdays or anniversaries (Personal Alert)
“It’s nice receiving my account balances automatically once a day by text. It’s a convenient reminder of how much I have in my account.” - Rick