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Loan Rates

Rates effective 03/15/2024

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Consumer Loans - Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles with perfected lien)
Specifics *APR
(as low as)
Term Payment/$1,000
2020 - 2024 Models *6.45% 48 mo $24
2020 - 2024 Models *6.50% 60 mo $20
2020 - 2024 Models *7.00% 72 mo $17
2020 - 2024 Models (over $40,000 list) *8.00% 84 mo $16
2016 - 2019 Models *7.25% 48 mo $24
2016 - 2019 Models *8.00% 60 mo $20
2015 Models and Older *8.50% 36 mo $32
2015 Models and Older *8.75% 48 mo $25
Consumer Loans - Recreational Vehicles/Boats
Specifics *APR 
(as low as)
Term/mo Payment/$1,000
Boats, RV's, Campers (with perfected lien)      
2018 or Newer *8.00% 72 $18
(over $30,000 list) *8.50% 120 $13
2017 or Older *10.00% 72 $19

ATV's/4 WH/Golf Cart
2019 or Newer

*11.00% 72 $19
Unsecured (Signature) *APR (as low as) Term Payment/$1,000
Up to $5,000 *13.00% 24 mo $48
$5,000 to $10,000 *13.00% 36 mo $34
Share/Certificate Secured
Specifics *APR
(as low as)
Applies to Shares, Regular Jumbo & Bump Rate Certificates.  Save to Win certificates do not qualify for collateral.  Rates reviewed annually 2.00% Above Rate Paid 24 mo

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Overdraft Protection
Limits Rate Term Charge
$1,000 Limit 18.00% 2 Mo $5.00 per $100

The Mortgage Center    

Whether you are buying your first home, ready to move to your next home or looking to refinance from another lender, The Mortgage Center has an option for you!

By partnering with Members Mortgage Services, we can give our members multiple 1st mortgage products that can meet any borrower's needs.

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Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)

Home Equity Loan

  • Competitive fixed rate
  • Flexible terms to fit your payment needs

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Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

  • Competitive, variable rates
  • Loan amounts based on equity
  • Easily accessible and reusable credit
  • Interest charged only on amount utilized
  • Special introductory rate for qualified borrowers
  • Your loan STAYS with Emporia State Federal Credit Union!

Our experienced loan staff is ready to serve you!

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Real Estate Loans - Equity - 1st or 2nd Mortgage
Specifics APR (as low as) Term Payment/$1,000
80% Equity 8.00% 60 mo $20
80% Equity 8.50% 120 mo $12

$3,000 Min. No add-ons. Member pays fees.

Real Estate Loans - Equity - 1st or 2nd Mortgage
Specifics APR (as low as) Term Payment/$1,000
90% Equity 8.50% 60 mo $21
90% Equity 9.00% 120 mo $13

$3,000 Min. No add-ons. Member pays fees.

For current rates on our Educated Choice Mortgages, contact our Mortgage Loan Officers at 620-342-2336.

Important Notices

  • All rates listed are the best qualifying rates. Rates on future advances will be determined by each member's individual creditworthiness at the time of each advance. APR may vary according to creditworthiness. 
  • ALL RATES APPLY TO NEW MONEY ONLY Rates listed are the Annual Percentage Rates (APR). All interest rates are subject to change without notice. Maximum Term listed.
  • *Annual Percentage Rate (APR), terms and conditions dependent on credit qualifications and approval, and subject to change without notice.
  • **HELOC terms: 84 month draw. Monthly APR is fully indexed, variable rate based on Wall Street Journal Prime plus or minus a margin based on loan-to-value ratio. Maximum APR that can apply: 18.00%. Minimum line of credit amount: $3,000. Minimum advance: No Minimum Advance Amount. May be subject to closing costs. Consult a tax advisor for information regarding deductibility of interest and charges. Adequate property and flood insurance may be required.