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GAP Insurance

GAP / AssurancePlus Coverage with Deductible Reimbursement

ESFCU offers Guaranteed Asset Protection, or GAP coverage with Deductible Reimbursement on new  and used vehicle loans for a current flat fee of $375.00. 

If you owe more on your loan than your insurance will pay, GAP can help fill the gap between what your  vehicle insurance will pay and what you owe on your loan in the event your vehicle is totaled or stolen. GAP Plus kicks in if your loan is financed at ESFCU, and you finance your replacement car at ESFCU. GAP Plus Coverage will apply $1,000 to the purchase of a replacement vehicle financed at ESFCU.

What’s even better? Deductible Reimbursement

Hail Damage or minor accidents do happen. That’s where every vehicle could use the Insurance  Deductible Reimbursement! Coverage continues for three (3) years and covers any vehicle that is insured by the borrower to a maximum of $500 as shown on the member’s auto insurance policy.    

Insurance Deductible Reimbursement will cover any vehicle insured by the borrower.

Here’s how it works:

  • A member owns three vehicles and they are listed as the insured on all three.
  • One of the vehicles is secured by an ESFCU loan. 
  • If there’s a claim, perhaps car was damaged by hail with a claim exceeding $500, and it is NOT the vehicle secured by the ESFCU loan – It’s still covered!

Want more information? Talk to your ESFCU consumer loan officer for more details.  620-342-2336