Direct Deposit allows you to safely and conveniently deposit your money with confidence. Your regularly recurring paycheck can be deposited directly into one of your Credit Union accounts by electronic transfer. Your funds are available to you immediately upon deposit.

Enrolling couldn’t be easier!

A member of your human resources department can enroll you quickly and efficiently. And you only need two numbers to begin:

  1. ESFCU Routing Number: 301178107
  2. Credit Union Account Number

Remember to add zeros to make your account number 6 digits long.


Account #1234 to 012340

Account #56789 to 567890

If you are not sure, please verify your account number with a Credit Union Member Service Representative.


We Can Help You Save

When your payroll check is Directly Deposited electronically, we can automatically transfer, or split, a portion of your deposit to an ESFCU savings or loan account.  This transfer happens every time your payroll is automatically deposited.

Let's say that every time you got paid, you wanted to put $25 into your savings and $10 into each of your children's savings account and the rest goes into your checking account.  Every time your paycheck is Directly Deposited, whether you get paid once a month or once a week, these transfers are made.  This is a great way to help you save a little at a time.  

It's EASY to set up.  Just give us a call today for details!