Board of Directors

Our board members, who are elected from and by our membership, volunteer their time to direct and lead this financial institution. They meet at least once a month and act on your behalf to safeguard your money, establish and review policies, set and monitor interest rates, and respond to member’s financial needs while insuring the Credit Union’s growth, stability and prosperity. 

2020 Board of Directors
Aron Dody
Jerry Baumgardner
Danica Case
Vicki Brooks
Scott Capes
Kim Kirk
Carmen Leeds
Curtis Simons
          Ted Vannocker                      

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee, appointed by the Board of Directors is responsible for the soundness of the Credit Union’s financial records.

Larry Falcetto, Committee Chair

Roy Gallup
Don Miller


Volunteers Who Made It Happen

Our history is woven with rich threads of those who have made Emporia State Federal Credit Union what it is today. We pay tribute to those who have volunteered their time and talents. Take a look at the following list of volunteers- you may be surprised at some of the names you see!