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Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union

It's about more than money. We know it's important, but we believe it shouldn't get in the way of what's more important.

"Important" may be seeing your family smile, building better communities or just making yourself feel good. Whatever it is, we want everyone to have the financial empowerment to live their best life.

So, how can credit unions put you in a better position?

Do more with your money

All About Credit Unions

Banking has been around for centuries, but a better way to bank began just a couple hundred years ago.

Credit unions were established to help serve all individuals - no matter what their income was, credit history, where they lived, etc. It was an institution made for all people because everyone has dreams and goals.

The word about credit unions have spread and today there are over 260 million members worldwide.

What makes credit unions different?

Individuals who bank with a credit union are called members. They are more than just a number though - they are owners. When people join, they become a shareholder in that credit union.

That means credit unions are run by their own people... not shareholders who work on Wall Street. Credit Union's profits are put back into the hands of those individuals rather than corporate investors.

Lower rates, fewer fees.  Because you should keep more of your money.

What does that mean for you?

Since we're member-owned, this allows credit unions to be more flexible such as:

  • Provide better rates
  • Waive certain fees that traditional banks would enforce
  • Offer more caring, personalized service

This means higher rates for deposit accounts and lower rates for loan products. Don't get us wrong, there are fees that exist in credit unions but you will notice a significant difference than ones you receive elsewhere.

Being member-focused helps credit unions advocate more for their members. We want to see you succeed and achieve your goals.

Your best move yet. We're more than just checking and savings.

We offer a whole lot more

You can apply for:

You can also open accounts for:

The list goes on and on and on!

You can break free.  Breaking up with your bank is hard to do...We're here to help.

It's time to put your ideas into action

Now that you know what the credit union is all about, are you ready to join? It's really easy!

Or maybe, you want to know more about credit unions to make sure they are the right fit for you. That's fine too! Click either link below to continue on into the exciting credit union journey:

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